Photos from the 2005 reunion of
Alameda High School's class of 1970

Your classmates are identified from left to right

Please send the names of any that are incorrect or unknown to Tom Heninger!

Cheryl Allen

Gayle Codiga

Gig Codiga

Pat "Pepper" Schroder

Tom Diola

Barry Speier

Curt Brohard


Bob Allen

Sharon Marino Newell's husband
and Sharon Marino Newell

Mark Wilburn

Jeanne Caldeira
and her husband


Tommy Hui
and his wife

Richard Sabatini


Cindy Smith's husband
and Cindy Smith

Kevin Harrity

Karl Rauch's wife
and Karl Rauch

Dave Owdom
and his wife


Vickie Steadman


Beverly Merrick Bone

Bob Choy

Rose Groves Mockel

Stella Lueras

Eugenia Paras

Nancy Nelson Morgan

Mike Morgan

Tory Dettmer

Jerry Quigley Jones

and her husband Tom Jones

Margaret Doolittle

Layne Spangler

Layne Spangler

Patty McPeak

Tom Heninger's arm

Mike Walker

Steve Jones

Gerry Yamasaki

Sue Barker Matz

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